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Jul. 27-28, 2017
Suzhou, China
Keynote Speakers
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Dr. Juan Carlos Tello Prior, Professor
Management Faculty, International Business Academy, Autonomous University of Puebla, México

Biography: Dr. Juan Carlos Tello Prior is a full time professor, researcher and lecturer at the International Business Academy in Autonomous University of Puebla. With International Business Management, Management and Business Direction degrees, specialization in Strategic Marketing and International Commerce and master’s degree in Quality Management, Management Sciences and Environmental Management. Actually, PhD student in Transpacific Relations and masters student in Economy and Society of China and Latin America. He is also a consultant for SME’s economic sectors and researcher in entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness and CSR fields of study.

Topic: Public Policy for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: A Comparative Case Between Mexico and China

Abstract: Entrepreneurship has been related to the accomplishment of macroeconomic goals in economic development, economic growth and international competitiveness between countries.
Mexico has needed to cope with the new trends in business management under a perspective of advancement by the use of entrepreneurship and innovation as a way to achieve these requirements, this has generated the incipient need to stipulate public policies that contribute to an effective administration of these trends. However, despite of the efforts, the dynamics of adherence to innovation and development of technology-based companies still rests on limited indicators that have not contributed to the achievement of the macroeconomic objectives raised around the theme.
On the other hand, China has been able to contextualize properly its private capital investment initiatives. The public policies are focused into stimulating and strengthening the emerging economic sectors, so they have been characterized by contributing to the research and development of new products and services. This, has generated an effective international positioning in virtue of the competitiveness of its sectors and economic growth attached to a propitious usage and application of both variables.
The comparison of both realities allows an approach to the maneuvers that have been carried out in Mexico and China to glimpse opportunities and threats in the manipulation of these factors, that vary according to the specific environment and context of each one of these countries, in the face of the emergence of world markets which denote a closer link between government and industry in the achievement of sustainable and strengthened economic sectors.

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